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Sarasota Foreclosures, REO, and bank owned propertiesForeclosed properties will be with us for some time to come even though in recent years the active number of foreclosed listings is down from the peak in 2009.   When dealing with a bank, we are not dealing with anyone who is emotionally attached to the property.  It's a committee that only cares about is the money and eliminating any liability for the bank. 

If you were ever planning to own in real estate in Sarasota Florida, you opportunity is here.  Interest rates are as low as they have ever been and prices are back to 1998-2001 price levels in some areas.

Expect to have your finances together before looking at a short sale.  Banks won't even look at an offer that you do not have proof of funds in a cash transaction or that you are approved for a mortgage loan.  Banks will generally have a stack of their own contract addenda which generally favor the bank.  Just know what you are dealing with.  Banks sell "as-is", make no warranties, and will want you to get a home inspection.  The biggest concern for you as the buyer is to make sure you have a title insurance policy and that you have a copy prior to closing.  This is especially important given recent news headlines.

The list below are the newest 15 or 20 foreclosures to come to the Sarasota Market.  Feel free to bookmark this page or even better, use our advanced Sarasota MLS search to setup your own set of parameters for a search and we will deliver the latest properties that meet your criteria either daily or weekly. 

As always, if you have any questions about how to get your list together, feel free to contact us via email, the contact us butter, or calling 941-922-8400.  We are here to help!

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