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Aug. 6, 2019

Cherokee Park Waterfront Home Sold

Sold By John Woodward

Luxury Sarasota Waterfront Home Sells for $4,400,000

John Woodward sells Luxury Sarasota Real Estate West of TrailOne thing for sure, they aren’t making any new waterfront property and the new homeowners of 1509 S. Lodge Dr are excited to be in their new home. Featuring over three-hundred feet of waterfront, this exceptional home is located

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Aug. 4, 2019

Just Listed - 15950 Singletary Rd

Just Listed by John Woodward

15950 Singletary Rd, FloridaHere is the perfect opportunity to live with privacy, space, and flexibility five acres can offer. There are loads of large mature oak trees along with

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July 24, 2019

2058 5th Street, Sarasota, FL - SOLD

SOLD by John Woodward

OVER Full Price / Multiple Offers / Sold in 5 days

2058 5th Street, Sarasota, FL2058 5th Street in Sarasota FL Front view from the street

Finding a decent home for under $200,000 in Sarasota City can be a challenge for any first-time homebuyer or investor in today’s market. New to the market is this in-town home that has been freshly updated and

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May 31, 2019

SOLD by Kimberlie Slade in Venice

SOLD - Venice Pool Home

1007 River Oaks Ct, Venice FL

What a rare find within the Jacaranda West golf community of Venice Gardens. A double master suite home with a beautiful large pool. Located 10 minutes to downtown Venice shopping, dining, boating, fishing and of course the world-class beaches Sarasota County is known for. Amenities like these are just part of the daily lifestyle we all enjoy.  This home is located in

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April 1, 2019

Buying a Home As-Is

Buying A Florida Home As-IsBuying a Florida Home "As-is"

Buying on the “As-Is” contract is a popular way many homes are sold as opposed to, for a lack of a better term, the standard contract. Both contracts, the Florida Association of Realtors makes available to its members.

Knowing some of the major differences between the two contracts can help guide you towards which contract serves you best for the situation. My concern has always been that the "as-is" contract is overused and doesn't always serve the buying public in a way they expect. There is a way to get the best of both contracts that may not be in the best interest of the brokers involved in the contract.

Agents Want You To Think "As-Is" Protects You

The As-Is Contract is a Popular Contract The reason I understand the “as-is” is viewed with so much favor is because it gives you, the buyer, an unconditional out for just about any reason during inspection period. This can be a good thing but remember, you are going to spend both time and money having an inspection and there are no requirements for the seller to fix anything.

In practice, the general approach is that once an inspection is done, then there is a second negotiation for repairs. Now, depending on how the as-is was presented to the seller during the negotiation, you may or may not be able to get repairs or concessions from the seller.  If the seller refuses to negotiate the repair request, you are out the inspection fee as the seller is not obligated to do anything.

I think there is second reason why brokerages like as-is contracts that I’ll circle back to in a bit. You might be surprised, their reason has nothing to do with protecting your interests!

The "Standard" Contract Has Advantages

The standard contract allows for a repair limit up front. Hopefully, you and your agent have gone through the home a couple of times before...

Be Sure to Check Out our "Buying As-Is" Episode

writing the offer and looked over the

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March 21, 2019

Selling Your Home As Is

Selling Your Home As-Is

Is it Really a Good Idea?

Selling your home as-is can actually cost you.There is a belief that selling your Florida home “AS-IS” somehow relieves you, the owner,  from the obligation to disclose any known defects. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Regardless of selling “as-is” or not, as the seller you are required to disclose any known defects about the property which also includes any liens or other issues that

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Feb. 25, 2019

Open Permits Can Cause Issues

Make Sure that Permit is Closed

When you have work done around the house

John Woodward talks Building PermitsHaving significant work done around the house for things like roofs, AC replacement or other significant repairs is probably going require a permit. Your contractor will know what is needed.  Just be sure that when the work is done, the final inspection passes and the permit is closed. It is really an easy thing to do as most counties, cities and local jurisdictions have some sort of on-line permit look up. 

Check out Poolside Chat

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Jan. 14, 2019

Why a Buyer Agent

Florida Buyer Agent

...and Why you probably don't really have one

How an agent is working with (or for) you starts very early in the process and Florida has only two ways you can be represented. 

By default, agents work as transaction brokers which in terms of representation is an inferior form of agency. Single agency is the highest form or representation but there are some things that need to happen before you go out looking. There needs to be a formal buyer agent agreement signed along with a single agent disclosure prior to looking at a home. Its much like what sellers do when listing their home but there is a lot less paperwork.

Be Sure to See Our Buyer Agency Discussion

In short, if the discussion about

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Nov. 29, 2018

Bayfront Sarasota Home for Sale

Sarasota Waterfront Opportunity on The Bay

List AND Sold by John Woodward

99.6% of Asking in 15 Days!

514 Pine Cone Lane, Nokomis, FL

514 Pine Cone Ln, Nokomis FL has panoramic bay views

Every once and while a property comes on the market that you wished you made a move on. After all, life in Sarasota is a bit different. Powder white sandy beaches and endless azure waters make this the place to be! Of course, they only made so much waterfront so it is one special commodity that is in demand. Beyond the high cost, there is a lifestyle to be enjoyed and memories to be made  514 Pine Cone Ln in Nokomis could be that special property that you could call home. With 150 feet of top-shelf panoramic views of Lyons Bay that you might expect to be into the seven-figure price range. The possibilities are truly endless.

Be Sure to See The Video

Bring your

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Oct. 9, 2018

Sold in Turtle Rock

Sold (again) in Turtle Rock

8207 Nice Way, Sarasota

8207 Nice Way Sold by John Woodward of Sarasota Real Estate GroupJohn Woodward of Sarasota Real Estate Group just sold 8207 Nice Way in the Turtle Rock subdivision in Palmer Ranch. Listed for $469,000 and sold for $439,000 representing almost 7% off asking or $30,000. The Turtle Rock market is averaging 4% off asking price. Once again, John Woodward's team was able to beat the market average for these buyers by 3% or about $

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