John talks about the advantage of having video of your home as part of an overall marking strategy.  While most agents rely on old technology known as the virtual tour, there are benefits that go beyond just the video when done right.  Many Sarasota buyers are from out of town.   John Woodward takes the marketing of your home to the next level so that a buyer can get a far better look at your property.  It makes sense to put your best foot forward when marketing your home and video makes a difference.  The end result should be for a faster sale and/or a better price.

Hi, I’m John Woodward, and I am the broker at Sarasota Real Estate Group. Welcome to our first Pool Side chat where we take a minute or two to talk real estate.

For our first episode, I thought it was appropriate to talk about virtual tours and video. 
Nearly all of today’s buyers start their search for a home on the internet.  We really only have a few seconds to make a strong impression and grab a potential buyer for your home. 

The virtual tour has been around the past 10 years or so and is a process of taking photos and uploading them into a computer program.  Add a little chamber music and wha-lah, the virtual tour is created.

The result is photos that are paned back and forth at a set pace.   Back when first introduced, the virtual tour was really cutting edge.

But so were some other technology products of the past.

Virtual tours are now being converted to video and uploaded on various video sites like YouTube.  You might even hear the terms ‘video’ and ‘virtual tour’ being used interchangeably and they really are two different animals.

Video takes a buyer through your home and can provide almost every dimensional prospective that panned photographs in a virtual tour can’t do.

Video introduces the additional dimension of motion to your home.  Drone and micro camera technology can help give us a perspective of the exterior of your home especially if your home is located on water, a golf course, or some other setting a buyer can get excited about.   Slider and glide cams make interior shots of your home move.  Add upbeat music along with some sexy evening shots and you quickly see how a buyer might be interested in looking at your home over something else in the neighborhood.  The key is to communicate the best your home has to offer.

Now, the reason why agents don’t do quality video simply comes down to cost.  Costs can be upward of $3,000 for a full on video so most brokers don’t want the expense of video.   There are some great videos of homes out there but are reserved for only the high end and most exclusive properties…and even at the high end of the market, many of these homes up for sale are marketed without the benefit of a quality video.

What I have figured out is how to get the cost down so the homes we market can get the best exposure possible with quality video.  And yes, I feel every property should have the benefit of the best marketing possible and a hopefully,  a quicker sale or better final sales price.

Take a look at our YouTube channel or click on our video link below or at for more examples of what we are doing to help properties sell.  If you agree that video should be part of your overall marketing strategy, call me…John Woodward at 941-922-8400 and let’s get started.

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