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Another SALE in Palmer Ranch by John Woodward

4692 Sweetmeadow Circle in Turtle Rock Sold by John WoodwardJohn Woodward of Sarasota Real Estate Group just sold this wonderful lake and preserve front pool homes in the gated Palmer Ranch community of Sarasota. One of the most humbling and highest compliments any REALTOR can receive is when a past customer calls you again to find their next home. This was the case and once again and we pretty much hit this one out of the park!

John was able to find the right house on the right terms. BOOM! That is real estate done right!

Situated behind the gates of Turtle Rock at 4692 Sweetmeadow Circle, this spacious home features a three-car garage, a large open floor plan, expansive lanai and pool area overlooking a preserve and lake. The home was priced well for the market by the sellers but of course, there is always room to negotiate :) The latest market analysis for Turtle Rock in Sarasota, FLThe price came in at the lower third of the market in terms of price per square foot and considering the lake, preserve, and garage, the buyers felt they walked away with a great deal. John agrees and the final sales to list price wound up slightly below the average of 96%. Working with buyers, we call that success!

The home home was generally in good shape. The prior owner had plans that never came together and never occupied the property. Aside from a few minor odds and ends and a good pressure washing, this home will sparkle. It was also unusual to get both a preserve and a lake view which will really make for a nice setting with the grill going and folks enjoying the pool. The three car garage will make up for any shortfall the buyers might find because of no basements here. It is a fair trade considering they will enjoy winter in their shorts. Let's just hope they forget how to use an ice scraper soon :)

The pool at Turtle Rock The Kitchen at Turtle Rock
View of the Lake and Preserve over the Pool Gas Stove and Granite Counter Kitchen

John went the extra mile here as he does for all of his buyer and seller customers. Being the buyers were 'out of town' Sold in Turtle Rock on Palmer Ranch in Sarasota, FLhaving to pack and drive south, a lot of the details needed to be tended to. Communication is key and John and his customers were in regular contact. From negotiating and repairs that might be needed in the contract up front to attending the home inspection, negotiating the repairs, meeting the appraiser and termite inspector, and verifying all repairs were complete with paid receipts, John was there.

John Woodward sells Sarasota Photos from the walkthrough were in the buyers hands before closing was complete. He also made sure security knew of the newest residents to make sure they were clear to go on their first arrival to their new home.

It is the little things that make big differences. If you are in the market to buy or sell, call John Woodward.

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