An important call to action for those who don't think robo-signing and shady bank maneuvers are acceptable.  I ran across this today.  Here is an organized effort to tell Florida's AG what we think.  This open letter that you can sign onto and tell Ms. Bondi, siding with the banks is the wrong side.  Links are provided if you want to sign on.

Will Attorney General Pam Bondi stand with Florida homeowners or big banks?  As part of the 50 state attorney general investigation into foreclosure fraud, some attorneys general want to give a slap on the wrist to the banks, and as part of a foreclosure settlement, protect them from criminal prosecution. Some attorneys general, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, are standing up and saying no to any deal that would give banks a get out of jail free card. Pam Bondi has yet to weigh in.

Where does Attorney General Bondi stand? Sign our open letter asking her if she stands with the banks or with Florida homeowners.

In July Progress Florida told you about Attorney General Bondi’s firing of two leading foreclosure fraud attorneys, and thanks to your help, an investigation was launched into why these firings occurred. We’re continuing to monitor this situation to ensure the investigation is truly independent. In the meantime, foreclosures and foreclosure fraud continue to ravage Florida’s communities and our economy. Far too many Florida families have been victims of foreclosure fraud – when banks use false or nonexistent documents in a cruel effort to force people out of their homes. Banks often have either lost or destroyed documents required to foreclose on a homeowner. Due to investigations from all 50 state attorneys general, the heat is on, and banks are looking for an easy way out.

As attorney general of a state ravaged by foreclosures more than most, Pam Bondi needs to take a stand on whether or not a multi-state foreclosure settlement involves a free pass for the banks. We deserve to know.
Write Attorney General Bondi and ask her where she stands: with the banks or with Florida homeowners?

Part of turning Florida’s economy around begins with ending the foreclosure crisis and restoring stability to our communities. We won’t be able to turn our economy around if our elected officials continue to stand between big banks and the justice Floridians deserve.