It's been a lot of work, trying to get subdivisions straight, decide how to break areas up and what to call them.  I mean, Sarasota as a town has a lot of home!  Our "area" names are mostly based on zip codes so when you go to Palmer Ranch, you will get it and some.  Palm Aire might not be as nice because 34243 covers into Lockwood Ridge and all.  We'll look for opportunities to hone it in a bit.  Getting a handle on the subdivisions will probably help sort out our area names in the future.  But its finally starting to feel like a "website."  Our hope is that with an expanded seach area into Charlotte county to the south and Pinellas and Hillsborough to the north , will benefit home buyers who are looking in more than one area.  There is no need to find two of three sites to search the areas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call John at 941-922-8400.