A Real Estate Buyers Guide

The E-Book, a Buyer's Guide for Real Estata Buyers in Southwest FloridaReal estate transactions can be one of the more stressful processes any one can go through.  As with many of life's experiences, stress often comes from the unknown.  There are so many people involved and tasks that need to be accomplished to find, negotiate, and ultimately close any home sale.  For many people it is the ultimate David and Goliath scenario.

An Overview of the Buying Process

That is why we decided put together a Home Buyer’s Guide.  While we cannot cover every topic and situation, laying out the basics of the process and what you can expect will help relieve some of the potential stress.  Any book that we would put together should not be confused with having an experienced real estate agent working for you.  There are no two real estate transactions that are alike.  An experienced real estate agent’s knowledge is invaluable and should be the key source to helping you through the process.  The key is to find an agent that you trust.

Some of the Topics Include

Our buyer’s guide covers such topics as how to locate property, real estate financing, staying organized when looking at homes, making a negotiating an offer, what to do once you’re under contract, different types of home inspections you might want to consider, homeowners insurance, and what to expect at closing.  There are also other bits of information that you will find helpful when buying a new home, a foreclosure, a short sale, or condominium in southwest Florida. 

Our guide is in electronic form and will undergo changes and additions as necessary over time.  Our agents have the experience necessary to help you from looking for real estate on the Internet all the way through closing on your new home.

We hope you find a guide helpful and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Contact us when you are ready to buy.   Our agents take the time to find out what is important to you first and the we negotiate the best deal for you.

John Woodward
Sarasota Real Estate Group

A Buyer's Guide to Real Estate in Southwest Florida