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Terms of Use (TOS)


By making use of SarasotaOne.Com by way of the Internet, all persons agree to the following terms and conditions.   Your use of the site confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

The terms “We”, “Our”, and “Us” shall mean SarasotaOne.Com, Sarasota Real Estate Group, and  any direct or affiliate licensed real estate professional we may work with from time to time.  The term “You” or “Your” means you, the end user.

Sarasota Real Estate Group is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida and owns all original content within this site and any other site that may store or otherwise house videos, images or photographs.  The use of which may not be reproduced without prior written consent of Sarasota Real Estate Group.  Sarasota Real Estate operates SarasotaOne.com through the use and agreement of third party vendors that you, the end user, agree not to violate their terms of service as well.


The original material on SarasotaOne.Com may not be copied, redistributed, or otherwise used by you or any other third party without the express written consent of SarasotaOne.com or Sarasota Real Estate Group.  You are welcome to link your site to ours if such a link is consistent with our site.

This copyright extends to any Sarasota Real Estate produced ad copy, videos loaded to YouTube or other video service,  photographs or images.


Information provided here is "as-is" and without warranty.  No advice is given based on any information or statements found on our site and any associated sites.  We are not responsible for any harm caused here to you due to inaccuracies or availability of our site.

The content, information, and data provided to us is "as-is" and you agree to hold us harmless for any and all information provided.  The listing brokerage is provided at the bottom of each property page.  If you have issue with this information or any other data provided, you agree to hold us harmless and contact the listing brokerage with such issues or complaints.

Information provided

We make every effort to provide accurate and timely information.  Our site obtains some of the information provided from various third party sources including but not limited to Mid-Florida Regional multiple listing service (MFR MLS).  Listing data is updated on our site daily and the accuracy of that information lies with the listing broker.  We believe the information is accurate but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any listing data provided herein.

We have also made an attempt to provide you the most comprehensive information regarding individual condo developments, subdivisions, neighborhood and the area information.  We have written our best reports on information provided by third party sources.  Some of this information can be subject to change.  As with any purchase decision you may make, you should verify any and all information prior to making any purchase decision.  If you notify us of any inaccurate information we will update our site once the new information is verified.

You also understand that the listing data provided on our site is provided by other brokers and that we may not be the seller’s agent and will not have any direct or special knowledge about any particular property or seller.  The real estate license law provides for confidentiality for all parties to a real estate transaction which licensees cannot violate or circumvent.

Email Updates

If you wish to have our site provide you with daily MLS updates, you will need to provide us with a valid e-mail address.  You will also be asked to create a password that only you know, your name, and a valid telephone number.  Property update E-mails also provide an opt-out option for you to choose at any time.


By providing valid information during the account creation process, you grant us permission to contact you by phone.  We never share this information with outside parties without your specific consent.  By providing us your telephone number you grant us permission to contact you by phone which does not violate any state or national “Do Not Call List” or registry. 

You also agree that an affiliate agent not directly licensed with Sarasota Real Estate Group who is well versed in our policy and procedures may contact you instead.  It is our intent to provide you with a highly qualified real estate professional that will meet your needs.  Should you purchase a home through one of our affiliate agents, you understand your transaction is subject to the affiliate agent’s broker policy.

Location Disclosures and Issues

In our attempt to develop the premium website, certain areas of Sarasota and Manatee counties required some fine tuning and arbitrary naming of certain areas.  We consider this issue minor considering the alternative would be to just have Sarasota or Bradenton as city names which would represent over half of their respective counties.  Primarily, we chose to locate these areas by grouping zip codes.  All of the areas we defined are listed in the search boxes in both the default and advanced search.
    Bradenton encompasses half of Manatee County.  Based on zip code we were able to break out such areas as east and west Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Waterlefe. 
   In Sarasota (the town) there is a similar situation. Several areas such as Palmer Ranch, The Meadows and others may also contain other subdivision not included with in the named area.  For Example, The Meadows contains some of Kensington Park because they share the same zip code. The same holds true for Palmer Ranch, which is just the zip code 34238.

Hold Harmless

You agree to hold SarasotaOne.Com, Sarasota Real Estate Group, our affiliates and our agents harmless for any and all content on this or any other site found here or for any reliance on information we obtained in an effort to provide meaningful content on our site.

In the event that your actions cause us litigation or otherwise the employment of legal or other professional services to protect or defend actions take by you, you agree to reimburse any fees for these services and our personal time at a rate of two-hundred and fifty dollars per hour.

Third Party Information

Our Site includes information and direct links to outside sources.  Our desire is to make your experience on our website as meaningful and useful as possible.  We make no endorsements or guarantees as to the accuracy of those sites.  We also rely on outside information as well as our own personal experience and local knowledge for content.

We do not, not can we provide permission for use other than on this site of information, content, photos, and videos provided by My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS).  Access to MLS compilations is only for your personal use and may not be copied or otherwise used in a manner inconsistent with MFRMLS's terms of use or protections offered rights held by MFRMLS.

No Obligation

You are never under any obligation to purchase a home by your use of this site.  You may cancel your account and anytime.  It is our hope you will choose to use us for your home purchase because you understand our commitment to provide you with quality information and service goes beyond just this website.

Buyer Agency or Buyer Brokerage

In Florida, the default or implied agency is as a transaction broker.  We can provide Buyer Brokerage services to you at your request.  In the event you do not request a “buyer broker” you understand and agree we act as a transaction broker.


We generally do not handle Rental Property directly.  In the event you register at SarasotaOne.Com requesting rental information other than as part of a purchase transaction, we will refer you directly to a rental agent.  If you have left a valid e-mail, we will copy you on the e-mail we send to our rental agent so that all parties quickly and efficiently have each other’s contact information.


We reserve the right to terminate, cancel, or otherwise bar the use of this site to any individual or third party for any reason at our option.  We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any agency relationship whether written or implied to any user.  You can cancel your account at any time.


If at any time you were not happy with any of the services we provide, please call the broker of Sarasota Real Estate Group, John Woodward, at 941-922–8400.  We will attempt to resolve any issues and concerns you have quickly.


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