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More buyers competing can equal a better price and better terms.

Luxury home marketing sells homes like this 7 million dollar home by John WoodwardVideo used to be for only the very high end homes.  What I have done is figure out how to get the costs down and still be able to produce quality that is a real benefit to sellers.  Engaging content and helpful information to buyers of real estate are what it takes.  If you look at my YouTube channel, yes, we have some very high end homes.

I also have more modest homes that have benefited by my marketing.  Does it work?John Woodward's Top Marketing Strategy Sells All Types of Homesin Today's Competative Real Estate Market.  Well…Easton Ct. was under contract in less than 30 days.  East Trails (on the high end) went under contract in less than a week.  Our first video was for Gold Oak.  It sold last month.

Gondola park is under contract and East Trails, the example I mentioned earlier, went under contract in less than a week.

I have no doubt that this sort of promotion and presentation of your home will be a benefit. You see, the Internet doesn't give or take exposure to buyers based on the price of your home.  Reputation and quality make the difference.  It works for $200,000 homes; it works for $7,000,000 homes.  I have sold both and everything in between and this can work for the sale of your home as well.  I'm just alone call away.

Every home can benefit but....of course, there might be a few exceptions.


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