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4709 East Trails in SarasotaSold in 6 days in Sarasota

This was a welcomed opportunity marketing this luxury Sarasota home.  Part of the quality equation also relies on the overall appeal the visuals a property can offer in a video.   Spotless in every detail and with loads of upgrades and colors, John knew this home would really showcase quality in the video.  At of the end of the promotion, all prior records had been broken in total impressions, social interactions, and YouTube video watches.  It wasn't too bad that the home went under contract within a week of hitting the market either!

John mentions 35,000 impressions 'so far' because it was an active promotion during production.  It ended up with over 50,000 impressions by the end of the 10 day run.  Wow!

Search Results for East Trails in Sarasota Results as shown in Sell My Home Video Sarasota
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John thinks anyone would be impressed.  What we didn't realize is how much better the following campaign would be on his listing near  The Meadows.  Nearly twice the interaction with slightly fewer impressions.  Our channels are getting stronger as we more followers come on-board targeted in Sarasota.  That means the next home could do better even still.  Maybe that will be YOUR home!

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