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New Waterfront Homes in Sarasota, FL

New Home on Casey Key in Sarasota FloridaSome would have you believe the economy has shut down the construction of lavish, luxurious, custom-built homes in Florida, but they would be wrong.  New custom quality built homes are back in this market.  As the economy begins to cycle back to the positive, the waterfront will once again lead the charge in the Sarasota Real Estate market.  Builders like John Cannon, Lee Wetherington and other high-end niche builders have weathered the storm and are ready to showcase just exactly what the Sarasota Lifestyle is all about.

As you would expect, the luxury waterfront market will have Casey Key New Home Pool and Bay Viewromantic views of the water with nightly sunsets for those close to you to enjoy.  Custom designed homes will also provide ample dockage for a yacht or other watercraft.  These homes have loads of features, and the sky is the limit.   Fit, finish, and amenities from around the world are not unusual.  

Most would acknowledge that a home on the water in Sarasota is going to be the stronger segment of the market.  After all, they may be able to build new homes, but they aren't making any more waterfront lots.  Today's market represents opportunities we may not see pass before us again in our lifetime.  

We know how important your time is and are happy to preview any home for you.  We can provide additional photographs and personal insight regarding the home and how it may or may not fit your needs.  If it makes sense, we will set up a personal tour of any homes listed below at a time convenient to you.  Just call us, and we will put out local expertise to work for you.

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