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How to Find Foreclosures

Foreclosures have become one of the most popular searches in Sarasota and southwest Florida.  The reality is the number of available foreclosures represents only about 3% of the active of listings.  While there are bargains to be found in the foreclosure market many times the competition for this limited segment of the market can leave you frustrated with the process.  SarasotaOne.com allows you to search for foreclosures if that’s what you want to do.  If you are more concerned about finding a home our search will give you the foreclosures if there is one that meets your criteria along with all the other listings.  This way you don’t have to look for foreclosures on one site and regular property on another.  It’s all right here in one easy search.  Take a couple minutes and watch a video on how to do a foreclosure only search or just a regular search that includes foreclosures.  We have all properties from all area real estate brokers. 

When it's time to go look, we put our experise to work to negotiate your best foreclosure deal.



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