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John Woodward's Written Commitment

When talking with any real estate agent about selling your Sarasota home, how can you be sure that the agent and company will live up to all of the great sounding promises in the glossy brochures? In many cases, you can't!

List price to Sales price ratio Comparison
Results based from 2015

So before you sign on the dotted line to put your home with an agent for six months (or more), consider this. If they are so good, what are they willing to do if you find out in the first month they don't follow through on their promise? What if they 'give up' during the third month because they thought it was easy to sell your home?  Is your home just going to be put into the MLS with a sign in the front yard only to pay thousands or in many cases $10's or $100's of thousands of dollars?

John Woodward Sells Sarasota Real EstateJohn has been selling homes full time since 1991 and along the way, he has developed some skills and approaches unknown to many agents. Let face it, when the market heats up, the number of agents jumping into the real estate field explodes and the average experience level drops significantly. Through all of the ups and downs over the past 20 years, John has been there selling homes just like yours.

John understands that with a well developed real estate marketing plan along with decades of experience, there should not be any fear when taking on a new listings to commit, in writing, the promises made. If is the activities he would do anyhow and what is most important is being able to look back, as a professional, and know his average sales price winds up higher than all of his competitors combined.  That is the difference a professional would be proud of so why not commit what works to writing?

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