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What are John Woodward's Customers are Saying

(In their own words!)

A Happy Seller - Scott

Hey John this is Scott calling… 

Hey I just saw… 

I just got your email this morning about everything is in and you guys look like you all are set which is really great news. 

Listen, I can’t thank-you enough for your help with this. 

I didn’t even think I was going to get the price that we did so that’s fantastic.   I can’t, once again, thank-you enough.  I hope the closing went flawlessly today, but I also wanted to ask you.  In your email you mentioned putting something together, basically, a nice note about how you helped and everything.  I know there are a lot of websites out there that review REALTORs and I would be more than happy.   

Actually, I am really glad you asked me to do that.  I’d either be happy to put together a letter for you or go to the websites and do some very positive comments.  I just wanted to be clear on what would be most beneficial for you.  So do me a favor and just  give me a call back when you get a chance and once again, for the third time, again, thank-you. 

John, I really appreciate it.  Bye-bye.

John Woodward, Sarasota Real Estate Broker

Sarasota Sellers - John Woodward Puts His Customers First

Dear John,

"WE HAVE A CONTRACT"  These are the words we wanted to hear.  Thank to you, John, we are now in our new surroundings while you took care of all the minutiae involved in the closing of our property.  We appreciate what Sarasota Home Under Contract by John Woodwardyou did for us as we knew all along you are a real gentleman who is dedicated to his work and put his customers above all else.

We learned quickly to respect your judgement and followed your advice. When you analyzed the market and suggested a realistic price to fit the tight market, we did so and you accomplished the sale.  Should anyone ask us for a recommendation for a realtor, rest assured your name will be the one we give.

Thank you again, John, and keep in touch.  We value you as a friend.


Bob and Mary Jean

John Woodward, Sarasota Real Estate Broker

Amazing Photos and Brochures

Hi John,

I am so impressed with your comprehensive brochure, and the truly amazing pictures.  The inside ones draw yourProfessional photos and attention to detail in every aspect of marketing Sarasota real estate is John Woodward's commitment to selling your home. eyes to the canal views, and the outside ones make the property look expansive.  You have a keen eye for photography. I have never gotten so much information from an onsite brochure when I was shopping for a home with my husband in Baton Rouge and Sarasota.

Thanks for everything!


See the video where brochures make a differenceTake a look and what Nancy means when she says "comprehensive" with "truly amazing brochures."  John packs a lot of high quality and helpful information to the buyers looking at your home.  Does it make a difference?  Nancy's home sold in 16 days, for cash, and with several backup offers...just in case!

John Woodward, Sarasota Real Estate Broker

What Other Agents Say about John Woodward's Marketing

John Woodward maintains membership in several closed or private industry related boards and groups to help maintain an edge on the latest and most effective ways to market homes.  One of those avenues is related to social media.

"John, I really likOther agents say nice things about John Woodwarde how you market your listings.  The property video on your blog post didn't miss any opportunities.  What did you use to create it?  Love the links to other listings at the end and that you update it when it is sold!" 

One of these groups was discussing promoting listings through Facebook and this post was John’s sharing of his recent results in the sale of 5409 Azure Way on Siesta Key. It seems there was a great deal of satisfaction with receiving around 3,000 impressions with a response of 50-60 interactions or about 2%.  With a similar ad budget, John’s post received over 31,000 impressions and almost 3,000 interactions.  This works out to an almost 10% response rate.

Maggie, another Realtor member in this group, commented on how much she “liked how you market your listings.”  She noted how “The property video on your blog post didn’t miss any opportunities” and how effective the “links to other listings” were helpful.

The reality is that to obtain these kinds of results takes market and technology know-how.  A quality Facebook post that is targeted potential buyers is part of the task to get potential purchasers to see your home.  The next part is where the post takes them and what the consumer sees.  John also puts together a quality blog post showing the best possible factual view of your home.  This includes a professional grade video.  The desire is that even the out of town buyer will consider booking a plane to come and see your home.

This wasn’t even our best showing for this year.

Did it work?  This home went under contract in just 16 days with multiple back-up offers.  It sold for 98% of the asking price which is 3% more than the average ask to sales-price ratio.  John thinks it worked out pretty well for this seller.  With a call to John Woodward, your home could be the next home to achieve the similar results.

John Woodward, Sarasota Real Estate Broker

The Siesta Key Dream

'John, I cannot believe how this all played out (in less than a week).  The Siesta Key Dream of owning a home in paradise made possible by John WoodwardI am a firm believer that everything
 happens for a reason and this is just another life lesson that if you have faith all will work out for the best.  I want to THANK-YOU for all your hard work in making our dream of having a piece of Siesta Key a reality."

John Woodward, Sarasota Real Estate Broker