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Buying a New Home

Many people feel going into a builders open house without their realtor will help them save money or get a better deal on their new home purchase.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why Use a REALTOR.

A builder/developer we’ll have developed a concise marketing plan as part of their financing with the bank for their subdivision.  They know a certain percentage of buyers will come with a realtor and some will not.  They will also have what is known as a “master appraisal” for each one of their models which will be used to sell and finance the homes for their buyers.  If a builder cuts a price on any of their models, this will negatively impact the price they can sell homes for to future buyers.  The idea that you will save some money because you did not bring a realtor is just not possible.

The only time a builder will generally cut prices is in the very beginning because they’re trying to get started or in the very ending of the project when they’re trying to get out.  Even then, the is still the appraisal issue so prices are cut in a consistant manner regardless of your arrival represented or not.

If you first walk into a development without a realtor they will not recognize your realtor as part of the transaction and then you are on your own!

The "Up Sell"

A new home builder generally will have higher margins on home options.  A realtor has knowledge about new and resale homes and their true value to your new home especially if you ever plan to sell.  So who represents you when it comes time to build?  No one if you go alone.  And since there is no cost benefit for you to go alone taking advantage of our market expertise helps you decide on things like what lot premiums make sense, what options help value, color selections and finishes, and what costs make sense and which ones do not.  Including us in your new home purchase also allows us to give you an unbiased comparison of other homes in the area and a realistic value of your home whether it is new or almost new.

There is a huge advantage to involving us up front when going to new home builders in the area and it won’t cost you a dime.

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